Back for 2022! Community radio for Lewes and the Ouse valley

Rocket FM is the community radio station for Lewes and surrounding villages in East Sussex, UK.

We are back for 2022 on YouTube, streaming our unique coverage of the historic Lewes Bonfire celebrations LIVE via YouTube.

Highlights from past broadcasts

Will you make it onto the leader board this year? Play along with Steve, weekday mornings 11am - 1pm
What better way to start your day than with lively conversation and great local guests? Weekdays, 7am - 9am.
Hosting programmes showcasing World music and with another show focussing on Folk, Vic is a treasure!
Vic Smith
World Music / Folk

Made by volunteers who all share a love of our wonderful town

Presenters share their passion for the best in local music

Rocket FM brings you every bang and fizzle of Lewes Bonfire

Discussing the issues that matter to the people of Lewes

Hours of live programming
Local guests

Your voice
On the airwaves of Lewes

Rocket FM is YOUR radio station – and we want to hear from you! Do you have an event, club, society or group that you want the people of Lewes to hear about? Do you have a burning issue that you think needs airing on the radio? Or maybe you just want us to play a dedication?

Thanks to our sponsors

Rocket FM gratefully acknowledges the financial support of our sponsors and advertisers